10 Interesting About Norway

To find out more about this Scandinavian region, here are some of the top interesting facts about Norway to be familiar with before visiting.

While the country has many weird, fun, and interesting things, there are some that everyone should know. Here are some of the common facts about slot garansi 100.


You might think this is surprising, but it is very much true. The border between slot garansi 100 and Russia is more than a hundred miles long. Many locals also cross the border to buy cheap fuel for their vehicles, while the Russians cross over to buy products of better quality.

This is one of the top Norway facts that stuns most people who are not from here. Some of the figures from the annual tax return are published publicly. These include total wealth, income tax paid, and annual income.

The language has two distinct variations. These include Nynorsk and Bokmal. The former is popular in rural centers, while the latter is used by most of the country.

Norwegian culture and its people are unique. However, they are some of the nicest and most conscious people you will find. Here are some Norwegian culture facts you should be familiar with.

If you think Japan was the one that came up with salmon sushi, then you are wrong. Norway was the one that began using salmon in sushi, and they introduced it to Japan.

At first, the Japanese were concerned about eating raw salmon, but now, it is an integral part of sushi and seafood cuisine.

This is perhaps one of the top Norway culture facts that will blow your mind. There is a ranked Norwegian officer at the Edinburgh Zoo, known as King Penguin Sir Nils Olav.

He was the mascot for the Norwegian Guard, then he was knighted in 2008, and finally, in 2016, he became a Brigadier.

There are many more fascinating facts about Norway that most people do not know. These things make the country unique and an excellent place to visit for all types of travelers. Keep these in mind when planning your trip here, and discover more by experiencing the country for yourself.

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