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We are truly your best sources to get the best the Anguilla has to offer.

About Anguilla Sands And Salts

Anguilla sands and salts are artfully crafted to portray the intrinsic beauty of the island. All of our salted creations are handmade with diligence to convey the breathtaking surroundings nearby. Treat yourself to artisanal keepsakes with meaning or give them as gifts.


Our made-to-order designs dare you to dream higher than the sky and deeper than the oceans. We scour over 40 local beaches to bring you a variety of salt textures and tones. Customize your own pendant, bath salt, scrub, key chain or hand chain to satisfy your senses or style.



Rich in potassium and other minerals, sea salt has been found to reduce muscle aches, promote healing and tempt the taste buds with its earthy flavor. It can be used topically for scrubbing or soaking the skin but also for flavoring food.

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Artisanal Sea Salt Sourced From the Pristine Beaches of Anguilla



Solar Sea Salt Creations Handmade with Love in Beautiful Anguilla

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