Anguilla Sand Fill Small Oval Pendant


I am just not a bottle opener I am yours

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Hi! My name is PSO1, I am a Stainless Steel Pendant Setting, 304 Stainless Steel, Rectangle, Hole Approx 4x6mm. My over all size is 15x26x2mm, 13x8mm.

Please pick your sand of choice and take me home for only $20


Auntie Doll Bay, Barnes Bay, Benzies Bay, Black Garden, Blolly Ham Bay, Bucks Bay, Captain’s Bay, Corito Bay, Cove Bay, Crocus Bay, Dropsey Bay, Elsie Bay, Fishing Bay, Forest Bay, Goat Cave Bay, Island Harbour, Junks Hole, Katouche Bay, Limestone bay, Little Anguilla, Little Bay, Little Harbour, Lockrum Bay, Long Bay, Long Pond Bay, Maundays Bay, Meads Bay, Merrywing Bay, Mimi Bay, Pelican Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Round Rock Bay, Sandy Ground, Sandy Hill Bay, Sandy Point, Savannah Bay, Seafeathers Bay, Sherrick’s Bay, Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay West, Sile Bay, West End Bay, Windward Point